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I usually only look at Pinterest on my phone and if I see a picture I like I save it to a relevant board. You could say I’m just a recreational user.
That’s about all I ever used Pinterest for, saving pictures of amazing beaches I’d like to visit or recipes for my favourite Thai dishes.

However, today I was on my laptop, linking my social media accounts to this new blog. So, I logged in to Pinterest to locate my profile URL…

…imagine my surprise when I discovered I was getting 6.8K monthly viewers. I genuinely had no idea it was anything like this number. At a guess I would’ve estimated nearer 100 – 150 views.

Remember, this was with zero effort on my part!

Pinterest Profile
A shocking number of monthly viewers!

Having never seriously considered using it for marketing purposes this was quite a shock. However, seeing those monthly viewers stats has made me think again.

Recently I’ve started to research more about marketing on this platform and have made some boards to bookmark useful information.

I will continue posting about Pinterest as I gather more knowledge on the subject.

Comment below if you have any useful tips or strategies.

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