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In this series of posts, you can follow me on my step-by-step journey as I complete John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success coaching program.
The program is set out into 52 weekly sections, this is mostly to help prevent information overload and to stop you feeling overwhelmed. If you want to progress more quickly the support team will open up new sections.

Once access has been granted to the member’s area, this is the page you are greeted by:


The five steps listed under the “Start Here” tab are:

  • Register For Your Welcome Webinar
  • Register For You Weekly Training
  • Join The Facebook Group
  • Meet The Team
  • Your Questions Answered
  • Jump Start

The welcome webinar was awesome. It was an introduction to the course with lots of advice about things to avoid as you go through the program, how to get the most out of the program and plenty of time for a question and answer session. In fact, John didn’t finish the session until everyone’s questions had been answered satisfactorily.
The thing that struck me most is the team, they are incredibly nice, down to earth and will go out of their way to help you. Unlike most other coaching and training I’ve participated in, this time I genuinely believe their main motive is to see you succeed. I definitely don’t feel like I’ll be left to fend for myself, the support is the thing that stands out the most, for me.

It’s John’s support and dedication that makes me really excited, this time I know I’ll finally reach my goals.

Regeristing for the weekly training was a very simple process. Not much to say really, it was smooth!

I joined the Facebook group and was genuinely surprised by how many people responded to my hello message.
The group is definitely a community and there are people of all experience levels. One thing I discovered, which really surprised me, was that there are people on the program who I considered to be “Internet Marketing Gurus”. They are already very successful in their own right and yet still have things to learn from John. Some finished the course a long time ago but are still involved anyway.
A short while after joining I had a question about email confirmations and instead of using the support desk I decided to post my question in the Facebook group. The question was answered very promptly and there were quite a few people who were willing to chip in and help. I’ll talk more about that question in a later post.

Meet The Team is an introduction to the people who help run the program, besides John, this includes Randy Smith and John’s son Alex. There are no call centre employees it’s just John, Alex, and Randy (who is both a successful marketer and student).

The “Your Questions Answered” tab is pretty self-explanatory, so I decided to add another screenshot:

Partnership To Success Frequently Asked Questions

Apparently, Jump Start is something that’s been added more recently. This provides the opportunity for members to start earning from the beginning. John teaches you how to get approved for various affiliate offers and put the links into blog posts. He has also set up something amazing whereby his students get 100% commissions across his product range and funnels for a whole year. Basically, if a customer buys any product, through your link, then that customer is associated with you for all future purchases. The only exception to the 100% commissions is for high ticket coaching products, for these, you still get 50%, which I think is incredible.

That concludes my introductory post. I’ll be following up with posts as I progress through the weekly training. I won’t be taking a week to go through most of the sections but I’ll probably only post about my progress once a week.

To make sure you don’t miss any future posts connect with me and I’ll keep you updated.

Check out the Partnership To Success program here.

Or, if you’d like to see John’s training in action first, then check out his free product creation workshop here.

If you have any questions about the training or anything else then please leave a comment below and remember to share these posts with your friends and/or family members.


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    • Dawud Islam

      Good to read your blog, Martin, and glad that you’re enjoying the P2S course, as I am.

      • Martin Roch

        Thanks, Dawud. I hope things are going smoothly for you. It’s certainly an awesome course and I’m confident we will both make a success of it.

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