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The other day I was setting up an auto-responder series in my Aweber account. I was going through the usual checks using a Gmail account, a quick Google search will tell you there are over 1 billion monthly Gmail users. This makes it a suitable choice for testing purposes.

Some of the emails weren’t arriving. I checked my spam folder but nothing!

It was only after a lot of head scratching that I realised they were arriving in the promotions folder. I’d only been looking in my inbox and junk.

Up until this point I’d been using a “confirm email” page, from OptimizePress, that looked like this:

Check your spam folders!

It occurred to me that I should be asking my subscribers to check their promotions folder too.
By adding a couple of words I could’ve avoided a lot of this:

Not the result I was after!

So, after making a few little tweaks the updated page looks like this:

That’s better…

It’s amazing what difference a few words can make. Hopefully, this will resolve the issue, I guess only time will tell.

Do you have any useful little tips that made a big difference to your business results?

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