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Today, I started to put together a marketing strategy for a new online company.

The owner’s initial question was how could they get more traffic to their store? The first thing I did was to take a look at their website.
It was attractive and had a clean design. It was an e-commerce store selling fashionable bags made of an unusual “wonder” material.

However, there were a number of issues that needed addressing. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be updating you on the changes that have been made and the marketing methods that’ll be implemented.

This post will be focusing on images.

  • Hopefully, it goes without saying the images must be high quality.
  • Bo-Borsa, the company in question, has used great images but the image file names aren’t related to the product. In this example, the image was named Spanish-Hat.jpg but the product for sale is the bag.
  • Make your images search engine friendly by naming them appropriately!

There are some copyright issues to consider.

  • Make sure you have the legal right to use the images.
  • Three great sites for getting copyright free (even for commercial use) images are Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash. There is no requirement for you to attribute your images to the creator but it’s your choice. All the images are free to use.
  • In the Bo-Borsa example, the image was taken by the owner, if you’re going to do this then make sure you have a signed model release form, which clearly states your usage rights.
  • A model release form and associated guidelines, from the Royal Photographic society, can be found here.

Prepare your images for social media.

  • Make sure the types of image you’re using are appropriate to the platforms you’ll be posting to.
  • The Bo-Borsa image example would be well suited to both Instagram and Pinterest.
  • We do need to make some changes first though.

How to create Pinterest ready images.

  • Ideal image dimensions:
  • 735px by 1102px
  • Background colour taken from the trousers (not total black).
  • Font and frame colour taken from the lightest part of the photo (not total white).
  • Font is Calibri in italics.
  • Filename: Pinterest Traffic Image

How to make your images Instagram friendly.

  • Height between 566 and 1350 pixels with a width of 1080 pixels
  • Any wider and the image will be cropped to fit.
  • Click here for a more detailed explanation of Instagram aspect ratios and image size.
  • Filename: Instagram Traffic Image

Image file dimensions are less relevant for other social media platforms but it is important that you name the files correctly. People often use image searches, so make sure your images get found.

Do you have any tips or tricks that I haven’t mentioned? If so please feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

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