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You can drive a ton of free, targeted traffic to any website or blog by using visual storytelling. You can do this on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

A picture paints a thousand words

We’ve all heard this saying before.
I’m going to explain how the idea can be used to drive a ton of free targeted traffic to any website.

Marketers have been using storytelling since the beginning of time.

This now classic advertisement combines a great image and tagline – visual storytelling at its best.

Nowadays people can’t be bothered to read a thousand words.

This accounts for the growth in visual marketing.

The success of sites like Instagram and Pinterest are testaments to this shift.

You can use this to your advantage and get ahead of your Pinterest competitors.

The majority of pinners focus on visual impact by using bright colours, contrast and interesting fonts.
This is okay but most of them neglect to tell a story.

Pinterest Pin 1
The image used in this pin is simply for aesthetics, it doesn’t tell a story about driving traffic. It’s completely irrelevant to the message.

Ignoring important design elements would be a mistake. However, adding the storytelling component will make your pins stand out from the crowd.

For example, the pin below has been used to drive traffic to a website selling an eBook about Pinterest marketing (shameless affiliate link alert!).

free targeted traffic
The woman’s been using Pinterest for ages. She’s upset because she just discovered she could’ve been making money all that time.

This pin drove 3989 visitors to the affiliate sales page.
free targeted traffic
And, the best part is it only took about 10 minutes to create.

Visual storytelling is a great way to get free targeted traffic to any website, blog, opt-in page or sales page.

Now, why not discover how to make your blog posts more Pinterest friendly.

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