I always loved playing sports and so I went off to university and did a Sports Science degree.

After leaving university I had no idea what sort of job I wanted but I knew I had a lot of debts to pay off.

I searched and searched until I eventually found an advertisement for a part-time Sports Science lecturer at a small college on the Isle of Wight, in the south of England. I applied for the post and got hired.

After a year my contract was made full-time and I worked there happily for the next six years. Unfortunately the demand for this type of course started to decline and I was soon made redundant.

I was lucky enough to get taken on by a local high school and I was able to get qualified as a PE teacher, while getting paid.

I worked as a PE teacher in this school for fourteen years. One year I took a holiday to Thailand. I had a great time and enjoyed everything about the trip. However, towards the end of the trip, I got bitten by a few mosquitoes. Nothing serious I thought but when I got home the bites didn’t clear up. Within a few weeks of getting home, they had become infected and to cut a long story short I developed blood poisoning. This resulted in three operations and a month in intensive care at the local hospital.

Martin Roch

It was a further three months before I could return to work. The infection had destroyed most of the cartilage in my foot and ankle. I was no longer able to teach PE. The school gave me a position teaching science. After two years I decided that science teaching wasn’t for me.

I tried various other occupations but either the income was too low to pay the bills or I was too old and inexperienced to get hired. It was at this point I decided I needed to make a big change.

After searching long and hard on the internet I found work as an online English teacher. I also discovered internet marketing. I tried all sorts of ways to make money but had very little success. Eventually I gave up.

One day I was looking through some old emails, looking for a link to some teaching materials, when I came across an unopened email from a gentleman called John Thornhill. Something in the subject line made me open it. I read with interest and then clicked on a link that took me to the sales page for a product called “Simple Traffic Solutions”. The sales copy persuaded me to part with my hard earned $7 dollars.

The value in that information product was incredible, so much content for so little cash. I was starting to see John Thornhill as a man I could relate to and trust.

I soon attended one of John’s free workshops, confident that it would be worth my time. It didn’t disappoint, John explained the reasons why the majority of people fail online. What he revealed truly was a revelation.

I decided that if I was going to succeed online I would need a mentor and so without hesitation I signed up to John’s “Partnership to Success” coaching programme. After all this was the person that I trusted and had renewed my faith in the industry.

This blog is a dairy of my journey towards success…